Celebrating 25 years of Insite

Imagine how good you’d be at something If you did it every day since 1998.

We Started Out In A Closet

In the buzz of the dot com boom, the Dallas Infomart became a hub and central sharing location for start-ups. Because Insite was started on a shoestring budget, our first office was a storage and server space of a friend’s company. Two cardboard boxes with a piece of plywood became founder Adrienne Palmer’s desk. Insite’s first signage was a piece of paper taped to the storage room door (always left open for ventilation!)

One of Adrienne’s former employees from her last company took a chance and joined the party. The Internet access technology at the time (T1 lines) would have cost far more than Insite could afford so a network cable was discretely strung through the drop-down ceiling tiles to get a connection.

Fortunately the team’s passion to help companies steward this confusing time paid off and the business grew rapidly…adding another employee and then another. By the end of 1998, Insite literally “cut the cord” and got its own Internet connection, becoming self-sufficient.

Adrienne Palmer

“I feel a sense of pride in what Insite has become. The early days included moments I wanted to give up, and others that let me shout with joy. It wasn't perfect, mistakes were made. But I wouldn't want it any other way.”

Adrienne Palmer
Founder & Board Member

Oh, How The Times Have Changed

Technology is known for disruptions. Throughout the years, we’ve welcomed the pace of change and thrived in turning the unknown into a useful tool.

It's almost hard to imagine, but here are just some popular technologies that didn’t exist in 1998 when Insite was founded.

  • Early Facebook Icon

    Facebook (2004)

  • Early YouTube Logo

    YouTube (2005)

  • Early Twitter Logo

    Twitter (2006)

  • Early Apple iPhone Logo

    Apple iPhone (2007)

  • Early Chrome Browser Icon

    Chrome Browser (2008)

  • Early Airbnb Logo

    Airbnb (2008)

  • Early Instagram Icon

    Instagram (2010)

  • First Zoom Logo

    Zoom (2011)

Read more on our blog in Coming Of Age With The Internet

Web standards we follow today have changed throughout the years, too. When Insite was started, best practices and user protections were still in the works or not yet thought about. As the landscape changed, the Internet community evolved as did Insite.

Not just clients, but partners.

Insite would not be where we are today without the many successful partnerships we've had with our clients. Our first few clients included this impressive list of diverse partners. Many of their solutions would stand the test of time!

  • Holly Corp Website Holly Corporation Energy
  • Ylang 23 Website Ylang 23 Fashion Jewelry Retailer
  • Michael J. Fox Foundation Website Michael J. Fox Foundation Parkinson's Research
  • Travel Texas Travel Texas State of Texas Tourism

See Our Clients Of Today

More Notable Partners

  • Anthony Travel
  • Cisco Systems
  • Empire Today
  • Empower African Children
  • Furr’s Fresh Buffet
  • Jack Rogers
  • BNSF Railways & National Academy of Railroad Sciences
  • Slush Puppie
  • SMU Cox School of Business
  • SMU Temerlin Advertising Institute

See Our Clients Of Today

It All Starts With Our Team

When you work this hard, it shouldn’t feel like work. In 2000 and 2001, Insite was still a small but mighty team with company retreats to Key West and Mexico. Even a new client would be an opportunity to celebrate with a sense of awe and wonder. Elaborate scavenger hunts through Dallas ending at a client’s office would be planned to surprise the team. That culture laid the foundation for who Insite is today and our team boasts of members celebrating their 20th year as Insiters!

Here are some Insite photos from the past.

  • Our 7th Anniversary Party Team Photo
  • Evan Taylor & Paul Medcalf
  • Bren & Mike Montgomery
  • Team Holiday Dinner
  • Evan Taylor & John Purdy
  • Adrienne Palmer & John Cornelsen
  • Cindy Purdy & Ryan Welton
  • Team Photo circa 2006
  • Evan Taylor, Ryan Mattes, Bonnie Diep
  • Chris Isom, Mel Moore, Dan Douglas, Michelle Stunkard
  • Evan Taylor & Melissa Moore
  • Evan Taylor & Alison Childs
  • Roller Derby Team at Halloween
  • Danny Gunter and Bryan Busch
  • Bren Montgomery, Adrienne Palmer, and Mike Montgomery
  • Bryan Busch
  • Michael Brown
  • Team Scavenger Hunt with client Ylang 23
  • Whitney, Bonnie, Trevor, and Michelle
  • Heather Jones & Whitney Phinyawatana
  • Brandon Culpepper and Alison Childs
  • Ryan Mattes & Michelle Glidewell
  • Erica Burnett & Chris Lang
  • Steve Golin & Son
  • Erica Burnett & Melissa Moore
  • Angela Yi & Jimmy Forbes
  • Whitney Phinyawatana & Detric Roy
  • Carmen Johnson, Chris Isom, and Ryan Mattes
  • Patrick Hassell & Allison Hamm
  • Whitney Phinyawatana, Libby McCown Wharton, and Ian Murphy
  • Angel Pryor, PeopleAnswers Client, and Jeff Lloyd
  • 20 year anniversay at The Dallas Zoo
  • Whitney and her giraffe
  • Bren Montgomery, Owen Hannay, and Adrienne Palmer
  • Ryan, Whitney, Danny, Willy, and Aaron
  • 2019 Team Holiday Dinner
  • Team finally back in our office in 2021
  • Bowling in 2022
  • Team Get Together in 2022

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25 Years Later We're Focused On The Horizon

The pace of change is faster than it's ever been and only expected to speed up. With the evolution of new technology like AI, this time in our industry can be both daunting and exciting. We use our history and experience to balance extensible solutions that mitigate risk from the unknown, while pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Our team would like to thank our clients, familes, friends, and everyone involved in Insite's success. We look forward to the next 25 years!

Nicki Purcell

“Collaborating with our clients to make a real difference in their business is not just a job, it's a shared passion. That's why investing in our team and our partners' success remains our foundation for the future.”

Nicki Purcell

The Music That Tells Our Story

“It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right. I hope you have the time of your life.” - Green Day

Listen to Time of Your Life (Insite’s theme song from the year we started) and many of our favorite songs from 25 years ago. We think it will quickly become your go-to playlist!